What is Auto Detailing? It’s Different Than a Carwash!

Lots of folks aren’t familiar with the world of auto detailing. They buy a car and other than cleaning it when it gets dirty, they do very little to maintain or improve the appearance of the vehicle. In doing so, they allow the forces of nature to permanently degrade the interior and exterior of their automobile. As an auto detailer you can not only prevent this damage from occurring, in many cases you can reverse it.
Washing a car is obviously part of the detailing process, but it’s not the biggest or even most time consuming task of the process. While the outside of the car is the first thing your client will see when you’re done, they’re going to spend a lot more time noticing your work on the inside. Your work as an auto detailer on the inside of the client’s car needs to be extremely thorough. If you have a partner, double check each other’s work when finished.
If you already work as an auto detail Louisville, KY area, you know how much competition there is. Your first encounter with a new client could be your last for a variety of reasons. It’s important to focus on the factors you can control and make sure you communicate clearly with the client both before and after you do your work. Their expectations will be based both on what you say and their past experiences with other detailers. The latter is a factor you can’t directly control, but if you exceed their expectations it won’t be a problem for you.
It’s the little things that matter when working on the client’s interior. They want their car to look as close to new as possible when you’re finished. That means you need to remove every stain, patch damaged carpet if possible using pieces from hidden areas such as under seats and make sure the floor mats are spotless and treated with the appropriate finishing product. If there is damage to the upholstery, make your best effort to repair it and again make sure to use the appropriate product to protect the seats from further damage.
The exterior finish on most cars is the result of two-step process of a basecoat and a clearcoat. High end luxury vehicles will have a more elaborate finish, but your treatment will essentially be the same. Power washing will not remove 100% of the dirt on a car. You need to use a soft cloth and a mild car detergent to remove grease and the debris adhered to it. Touch up any imperfections or scratches and apply a wax coating. Polishing with a clear wax will remove most minor scratches. Don’t forget the wheels and tires need to look good too.
In order to expand your client base, consider offering mobile auto detailing. Set up costs can be fairly low and it’s a level of convenience many people have come to expect. While your work will speak for itself, you need to make sure you’re doing everything you can to create a steady flow of customers.

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